Data Networking Solutions


Today's businesses require connectivity – not only to the Internet, but also to their own resources. A data network installed by SkyBest gives businesses full access to data computer files and programs at multiple computers and locations. SkyBest can recommend and install a custom solution that best meets your business needs. As always, you can count on SkyBest customer service and technical support. Maintenance contracts are available on both data wiring and equipment.


Services and Products
Easily share files and resources with SkyBest data connections and equipment:

  • Copper Data Wiring (Cat5e) (indoor and outdoor - maximum of 300 feet):
    Perfect for connecting computers/printers within your office or suite.
  • Fiber Ethernet Connections (indoor and outdoor):
    An excellent option for businesses looking to share resources between several buildings on one campus.
  • Patch Panels:
    Choose wall-mounted/rackmounted panels that allow your connections to change and expand with ease. SkyBest can help you cross-connect work stations to suit your current and future connectivity needs.
  • Managed and Unmanaged Switches:
    These devices manage your data network infrastructure, allowing you to share files and communicate throughout your network.
  • Wired and Wireless Routers:
    Choose to share your Internet connections and services within your office using a commercial-grade wired or wireless router from SkyBest.
  • Metro Ethernet
    SkyLine/SkyBest's Metro Ethernet is designed to enable connection at speeds from 10 Mbps to 1 Gbps. SkyLine/SkyBest Metro Ethernet can support customers who need to connect to multiple LANs (Local Area Network) over a wide-area connection, who send high volumes of data between several company locations, or who have sites needing to share high-bandwidth applications.


To meet your wireless requirements (WiFi), SkyBest offers a comprehensive line-up of wireless solutions to fit your business.

What is WiFi?

Short for wireless fidelity, WiFi is used when referring to any type of wireless network using the 802.11 standard protocol. WiFi gives you expanded options and cost savings to provide Internet access to multiple workstations and buildings.


SkyBest offers:

  • WiFi Single Access Points (Indoor and Outdoor)
    for small- to medium- sized businesses to share Internet and data resources within a single building or suite. Ideal for small office/home office (SoHo) applications.
  • WiFi Multiple Access Points - an advanced form of wireless networking to share Internet and data resources between multiple buildings. Ideal for campus-type applications.

SkyBest can help you establish your business as a WiFi hotspot, allowing your customers or business partners to connect to the Internet with their laptop or personal digital assistant (PDA) wirelessly. And you don’t have to worry about outsiders connecting to your internal business resources. Ask us how!

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