SkyBest Automation and Surveillance
Total control of your home in the palm of your hand.
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SkyBest Automation is an affordable and secure way you control your home from any smart mobile device or Internet connection. Especially comforting for parents, it lets you unlock a door to let children in and secures the door behind them, or you can simply receive an email when they arrive home from school. Save money through energy efficiency, monitor your vacation home, or even be alerted if your elderly family member hasn’t moved throughout the house.

SkyBest Surveillance provides remote access to all cameras installed at your location. Ideal for residential or business customers, SkyBest Surveillance gives a real-time look into the home/business, a customized recording period, or triggered events such as motion, door lock activity or door/window openings. The service supports both basic home and premium commercial-grade cameras.

Thanks to SkyBest, controlling your home and business is now affordable. Using your Internet connection or smart mobile device, you can:

  • Receive alarm alerts
  • Control remote door locks and more
  • Monitor motion detection
  • Manage your energy usage
  • View live surveillance video feed
  • Store and access surveillance video for up to one month with SkyCloud® Hosted Storage

SkyCloud® is a cloud hosting service that allows your video surveillance data to be stored and accessed online for up to one month. It eliminates the need for an on-site video storage device that could be destroyed or stolen. With SkyCloud®, your precious data is secure in an offsite cloud server and can be accessed from anywhere at any time.

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Choose the package that's right for you!*
SkyBest Automation and Surveillance comes in a variety of packages to meet your specific needs. Plus, our wireless equipment gives you total flexibility without the inconvenience of hardwired systems.

Automation Starter Package
  • Gateway
  • Motion Sensor
  • Appliance Control Outlet
  • Thermostat or 2 Window/Door Sensors
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One-Time $39 Activation Fee
One-Time $150 Equipment Fee
Video Surveillance Starter Package
  • Gateway
  • Motion Sensor
  • Quality IP/Wireless Camera
More Info
One-Time $39 Activation Fee
One-Time $150 Equipment Fee
Automation & Video Combo Package
  • Gateway
  • Motion Sensor
  • Appliance Control
  • Push Button Deadbolt Lock
  • Quality IP/Wireless Camera

Add SkyCloud® Continuous Surveillance Storage for three standard cameras or one premium camera:

  • One week - $5/month
  • Two weeks - $10/month
  • One month - $15/month
More Info
One-Time $39 Activation Fee
One-Time $300 Equipment Fee

*Some restrictions may apply. Self-installation recommended. Installation services available at $95/hour. Visit the SkyBest Smart Home in West Jefferson to see a demonstration.

**For a limited time only.

Hardware and Accessories

Wireless Smart Locks

Get notified when your locks open and close, or remotely lock and unlock your doors.

Wireless Keychain Fobs

Multi-functional, sleek, and tough, this smart key fob provides control over locks, doors, and lighting.

Wireless Door/Window Sensors

Sensors are slim and small to not detract from your home's cosmetic appeal; sensitive, reliable contacts avoid false alarms.

Appliance Outlet Control

Control a lamp, appliance, or other electrical device with a simple on/off switch or dim option on your smart phone; just plug into an outlet.

Wireless Outdoor Power Outlets

Same functionality as indoor outlet, but designed with more durability; unit must remain dry from weather and water contact.

Motion Sensors

Indicates motion coming into a designated area; simple programming connects the sensor to the notification type you select.

Smart Thermostat

Replace your current thermostat with one that provides monitoring and controlling of most heating and air conditioning units.

Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Protect your home by monitoring the temperature and humidity levels throughout your house.

Wireless Multi-Sensor

Captures motion, relays temperature, lighting, and humidity conditions; cover many environmental factors with one unit.

Flood Water Detection

Designed for areas suspect to water leakage, flooding, or water overflows; if prong sensors detect liquid, you'll immediately be notified.

Wireless Loud Siren/Flashing Red Light

This combination of extreme sound and light is designed to get attention; it's a low-cost way to keep your home secure.

Live and Snapshot IP Camera

This one megapixel live and snapshot IP camera is Wi-Fi compatible and perfect for indoor residential applications.

Professional Quality IP Camera

This two megapixel indoor/outdoor commercial-quality camera by a leading manufacturer provides complete surveillance, inside or outside.

On/Off in Wall Switch

Installing this type of wall switch gives you wireless control of on/off functions of hard-wired lights.*

On/Off 3-Way Kit

Installing this type of wall switch gives you wireless control of on/off and dim functions of hard-wired lights and includes a dimmer and auxiliary switch.*

Light Dimmer in Wall

This wall switch gives you wireless control of on/off and dim functions of hard-wired lights and includes an LED indicator light to easily locate the switch in a dark room.*

Light Dimmer in Wall 3-Way Dimmer Kit

Installing this type of wall switch gives you the benefits of both the light dimmer switch and the on/off 3-way switch.*


*Wall switches must be installed by an electrician.
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