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    What can I check when my broadband service is cutting off and on?

    • Ensure you have filters on the appropriate phone jacks.
    • Try plugging your modem directly into the phone jack while bypassing any splitters or filters.
    • Bypass the router to determine if your broadband connection will remain constant while connecting with one computer.

    My computer is still using my dial-up connection. How do I change it to a broadband Internet connection?

    • Double Click the “My Computer” icon.
    • Double Click on “Control Panel.”
    • Double Click on “Internet Connections.”
    • Double Click on “Set up or Change Internet Connections.”
    • Double Click on “Internet Properties.”
    • Select the “Connections” tab.
    • Select “Never Dial Connection.”
    • Click on the “LAN Setting” (in the lower right-hand corner).
    • Select “Automatically Detect Settings.”
    • Click “Apply” to save settings.

    How can I check the speed of my broadband connection?
    Go to

    How do I know when my SkyBest Broadband Internet Service is ready?
    SkyBest personnel will contact you to let you know when your SkyBest Broadband Internet Service has been activated. In most cases, the service will be activated within three to five business days.

    Can I use my own modem?
    SkyBest modems are preconfigured for SkyBest Broadband Internet Service. If you would like to use your customer-owned modem, please bring your modem by our SkyLine/SkyBest Customer Service Center for testing.

    Can I surf the Internet and talk on the phone at the same time?
    Yes. With SkyBest Broadband Internet Service, you have the convenience of surfing the Internet and using your phone at the same time.

    Can I use my fax machine while using my broadband service?
    Yes. With SkyBest Broadband Internet Service, you can send and receive faxes while surfing the Web. You will need to plug the fax machine into a filter to allow faxes to be sent and received.

    How do I change my homepage?
    1. Click the “Tools” menu while connected to your Web browser.
    2. Select “Internet Options.”
    3. Select the “General” tab.
    4. Enter the Web site you want as the homepage in the address field and click “OK.”

    How to Reset Your Modem and Wireless Router

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  • > Telephone Troubleshooting Guide

    Before you call us ...
    These simple tests may help determine the source of the problem.
    These tests may save you time and money.

    PROBLEM: Static, A Clicking Sound or No Dial Tone
    Look for symptoms such as cracks in the telephone set, a broken or frayed cord or telephone lights that don't work. If you find one or more of these symptoms, unplug or replace that piece of equipment to see if trouble clears.

    PROBLEM: Trouble On Only One Telephone Set or Can't Call Out
    The trouble most likely is with the telephone set, the cord or the telephone wire inside the premises. If you have another telephone set or spare telephone cord, plug it into the jack. If it works, the problem is with the first telephone set or the cord. If it doesn't work, the problem is probably the wiring.

    PROBLEM: Trouble On All Telephone Sets or Can't Call Out
    Possible trouble on one telephone set or piece of equipment can cause the line to lose dial tone until that piece of equipment is removed from the line.

    Inside Testing

    1. Unplug all telephone sets, answering or FAX machines, caller ID units, and computers from the wall jacks inside your home. 2. After a few minutes, try a traditional wire-line telephone set on several of your telephone jacks.
    3. If the telephone set does not work in any of the jacks, try a different non-cordless telephone set.
    4. If the second or third telephone sets you try don't work, proceed with Outside Testing (below).

    Outside Testing

    1. Take one of your traditional wire-line telephone sets (choose one that doesn't have a built-in speaker or lights) to your Network Interface Device (NID). (The Network Interface is where our outside line and your inside telephone wiring connect.) This box is usually located on the outside wall of your home near the electric meter.
    2. Use a screwdriver to open the bottom or left portion of the NID
    3. Disconnect the modular telephone plug from the test jack inside the box and follow these steps:

    a. Plug your telephone set into the NID test jack.
    b. Make a telephone call and listen for the problem.

    4. If you have the same trouble with:

    a. One of the telephone sets, the cord or telephone set you were using is probably defective.
    b. Two different telephone sets, the trouble is probably outside your home.

    Three Options To Repair the Wiring Inside Your House:

    1. You can call us.
    2. Pay someone else to do the work for you.
    3. Repair the problem yourself.

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