Directory Drive Program

Many thanks to the 17 participating public schools for their hard work in collecting outdated SkyLine directories each year. For every old directory collected, the co-op donates 25 cents to participating schools, and some extra credit is given to the schools for any books SkyLine receives at its three area Customer Service Centers throughout the calendar year.

Our phone directories are made from recycled paper waste and wood fiber waste such as sawdust and wood chips that would otherwise go unused. After the outdated phone books are collected from area schools, they are delivered to local recycling collection centers, baled and then sent to recycling companies in either Georgia, South Carolina or as close as Hickory, where they are made into such products as office paper, newsprint or paper for new telephone directories. SkyLine began this program in 1993, and more than 400,000 books have been collected, with over $100,000 donated to participating schools.

Thanks to all who continue to give us your old SkyLine directories, and thanks to our schools for partnering with SkyLine to support recycling.


About the Program:

The Directory Collection Drive promotes the benefits of recycling while providing monetary support to various worthy projects at participating public schools. For each old SkyLine telephone directory collected, schools receive 25 cents. During the life of the program, for library acquisitions, school beautification projects, field trips and even a college scholarship.

Books collected from the drive are baled and sent to recycling centers, where some are ground and used toward the production of hydroseeding mulches, while others are bound and shipped to paper mills to be recycled into paper products.


How it Started:

In 1993, landfill space was becoming a major concern, so SkyLine created the Directory Drive Program to limit the amount of paper waste that goes to area landfills, while encouraging the benefits of recycling to their members and communities. As an incentive to get the schools to participate and to teach children about recycling, SkyLine contributed 25 cents for each out-of-date directory brought in by students. Additionally, SkyLine received old phone books at each of the Customer Service Centers, with credit for those directories given evenly to the schools. 

From the introductory year of raising $2,958 and collecting 11,830 old directories, this worthwhile program has enriched school programs and benefitted overcrowded landfills.


Participating Schools

Alleghany County

Alleghany High

Glade Creek Elementary

Piney Creek Elementary

Sparta Elementary


Ashe County

Ashe County High

Ashe County Middle

Blue Ridge Elementary

Mountain View Elementary

Westwood Elementary


Avery County

Avery County High

Banner Elk Elementary

Freedom Trail Elementary


Watauga County

Bethel Elementary

Cove Creek Elementary

Mabel Elementary

Valle Crucis Elementary


Johnson County

Shady Valley Elementary

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